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01 / Education

Are you aware that having a good digital marketing strategy is the main key factor of your success?

We will help you understand how digital marketing works and what can it do for you.

We will teach you the main difference between a user and a marketer.

02 / Expectation

As a digital marketing agency we need to understand what are your expectations. This way, we make sure we can exceed them in every aspects.

We only work with clients that have clear goals and a good understanding of where they are at and where they want to be.

If this is not quite clear to you, we will help you out.

03 / Take Action

Once we set a long term strategy we will break it down into smaller steps.

We are not scared of big goals and huge ambitions. We think about the long term but we take action on the short term.



Strategic Services

We will create a marketing strategy that will help you grow your business.​

- Personal Brand Development 

- Community management
- Content management

- Content planning

- Content Coaching

- Communication

- Ads management


- Lead finding

- Brand Strategy

- And more...

Creative Services

Creating content is way easier than you think. After a few coaching with us, you will create content on a daily basis without even noticing it.

You can count on us for:

- Graphic Design

- Audio editing

- Video Editing

- Brand identity

- Personal brand identity 

- Digital Design

- Newsletter

- Blog

- Vlogg

- Podcast production

- Real Estate Podcast management

- Youtube channel management

- And much more...

Development Services

We will build solutions to meet the needs of your business today and in the future. 

- Ecommerce

- Digital asset management

- Web Design
- And much more...



Screenshot 2020-11-22 at 20.02.44.png

Maria Dedeu-Martinez

Bandarra store

What a radical change!!!  I went from owning a bar to have an online bakery. The agency helped me reassess my goals as a business owner and as a person. They helped me restructure all aspects of my business in order to make it profitable and closer to the life style I wanted for myself.

The social media strategies that they created were simple and efficient. I've learned that it's not the amount of followers that counts, it's having the right ones.

Now, I post, I sell. It's that simple!

Screenshot 2020-08-31 at 18.23.51.png

Barri Griffiths

WWRE Podcast

Stupid Simple Digital Marketing started me online. I now have an organically grown presence online. I've been helped in every step along the way. Starting with brainstorming ideas to execute them on a daily basis.

They've created my brand and my website. They manage my youtube channel and podcast. They also created a social media strategy that generated leads on a daily basis.

By working with Stupid Digital Digital Marketing, I have more time to focus on my Real Estate investments and scale my business. 

No regret, I recommend them any time, anyday.


Miquel Garcia Perez


Stupid Simple Digital Marketing made me use Instagram in a smarter way. I've learnt to manage better my instagram account and drive more traffic to my website business.

Very down to earth approach that made the whole experience very easy to understand from day one.

Easy steps to follow and priorities listed to achieve my goals. I have a better interaction with the right audience and the demand is growing as I speak.

I went from gifting paintings for my friend's birthdays to getting comissioned works in UK, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia and Belgium, and the list keeps growing...


Miquel Coíns Torres

La Trona Antique Shop

I've been working in the antique trading industry for the past 25 years of my life. However, I wasn't aware of the potential of having a global digital marketing strategy.

I had an outdated website and basically no brand and social media. They opened up a new world to me.


After a few coaching, I was piloting my Instagram account alone. We've managed to grow from a few hundred followers to more than 7000 in less than 6 months.

I can say that Stupid Simple Digital marketing is more than an agency, it's a business partner.



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